This series has been an unfolding, a journey, a blossoming of sorts for me. I started in March, inspired by the spring flowers and that new growth time of year. Between birthdays, Covid, an intensive art course, graduation, parenting, paddleboarding and just doing life, I managed to go to my studio more regularly than ever before. What a blessing and look what bloomed!

These two commissions found their way to homes in Ontario:

Summer Garden, 18″ x 24″ (SOLD)
Joyful Moments, 24″ x 36″ (SOLD)

These next paintings in the series are inspired by gifted bouquets and the shapes and colours of flora in my life.

I See Your Beauty, 24″ x 36″

An Abundance of Gratitude, 24″ x 48″ (SOLD)

Standing in Your Light, 24″ x 36″

Rising From Within, 24″ x 36″

Rise Up, 18″ x 24″ (SOLD)

A few new paintings…

If you were to ask me on any given day how much painting I accomplished in the studio, I would respond with “very little”, feeling like I only moved some paint around here and there. Then magically, before I know it, there seems to be a number of completed paintings. Like now. They are various sizes and a few different styles.

While spending time in my studio of late, I am also working on creating a new website that will eventually have the ability to host a store. For now, if you are interested in purchasing work or commissioning work, please send me an email at, or visit my Instagram @sarahhilldavidart

Azalea Study No.2 ; 16 x 14 “
Deep Healing; 24″ x 18″
Spring Has Sprung; 20″ x 24″
All the Colours; 36″ x 24″
Growth; 24″ x 18″
Deep Down Inside; 48″ x 36″

A Few Things New

All summer long I have been planning on having an art sale – a socially distanced driveway art show and sale. I have been painting a ton and I also ordered and created a few smaller art items to sell. While this is still something I really want to do, the reality is, I don’t actually have enough paintings or other art to sell. Yet….

I ordered cotton-linen throw pillows with my floral paintings printed on them, which I am thrilled with. I ordered six of each design as a test run and it seems they are well received as have only a few left after the first week! More have been ordered.

This summer I have printed a large amount of my linocut cards. They are so much fun to make, and serve as a break between painting – often prompting a studio clean up, which is a good and necessary thing for me! Here are a few summer series cards arranged in frames and available for purchase.

After my last post, where I shared my latest large paintings that had all found new homes, I wanted to also highlight this 4’x3’ underwater lovely that has been in the works for some time and is finally complete.

Embracing Uncertainty

Since March, these two words keep showing up for me. The universe is constantly reminding me to lean into these uncertain times in all areas of my life, and to trust that I will find creativity and fields of possibility. At first, going to my studio was a refuge, something to do, something purposeful, even though much of my time I wandered about, grappling with all the alarm in me, crying, listening to podcasts and painting here and there.

About a month ago I realized that the routine and commitment of studio time is something I have been unconsciously longing for and that even though I often have no plan of what I am going to do in there, by embracing that uncertainty I discover fertile ground for creativity and flow, and the infinite fields of possibility. There wasn’t an exact date when my artwork started happening, it just did, over the days and months, until one day I looked around and thought “wow, I have many completed works, and I need to make some space for new”.

Sharing my work with the world is an adventure steeped in vulnerability and leaps of faith into the unknown. Trust, seems to be the operative word. I love seeing what I have created bring joy to others and so I have to trust that will evolve – set my intentions and surrender the form and the outcome.

In the last few weeks, four of my large paintings have found their way to their forever homes, bringing joy and love and lots of colour to their new families walls and spaces. I am so grateful and truly honoured. So much of me is in the work and where one might think seeing them leave my studio would be sad or leave me will the feeling of loss, it strangely does the opposite. I feel so filled up, so expansive, and in awe. It is a new opportunity to embrace uncertainty, be curious about what’s next, to step into that fertile ground, allow creativity to flow and to trust that it will all be ok. And maybe even awesome.

Here are the works that found their ways to new homes:

Bird Brambles, 5’x3’
Afternoon Delight, 36”x24”
Laughing Garden, 4’x3’
Blooming Lovely, 4’x3’

Out There

It has been a busy spring and early summer for me, painting and putting myself out there, in terms of my art. It is always fun for me to see where my paintings begin, as I paint with my hands and play with paint and colour, doodle with pencil and oil pastels, slowing witnessing the painting taking shape. For several months I have been working on a piece for a friend and because I work best on multiple pieces at the same time, I of course painted two. Here are some pictures of where they each began, followed by the finished work.


My friend selected this first one and here is the second piece:


This one is called Sea Through, 40″ x 30″ and is still available for sale. It is currently hanging on the wall at LOVESHACK LIBATIONS in Qualicum Beach.

On top of managing to finally be creative in my studio, I was asked to participate in an ArtWalk for the set of Chesapeake Shores that is being filmed locally. Myself and ten or so other artists set up our market stalls, where we were able to sell our work, as well as have the opportunity to appear as extras in the show. The first show of the second season airs August 6th on the Hallmark channel and it is episode 10 that myself or my artwork may appear in. I am super grateful for the opportunity to participate, display and share some of my work and also have a glimpse into an industry I know very little about. And bonus, I sold two small painting while I was there!

The wonderful part about setting up for this set, was that it was more like a mock market stall, because I didn’t have to actually be able to replenish stock or have all the tents and tables, as that was provided. I have some fabulous ideas now for markets in the future though. The three days in Parksville were long and hot, and the view was spectacular, of both the beach and the lead in the show!

We are head to Ontario soon, and I may find my way to my little Tree Fort Studio while I am there, although I intend to take some time to just relax and regroup, read a book, do some yoga, maybe swim a little. There are exiting art things ruminating in my mind for the fall and it would be so fun to see them come to fruition.

The New Studio


imageAfter many years of dreaming, wishing, imagining and manifesting, having my own studio (with windows) has become a reality. The previous owners of our house used this space to repair and rebuild Harley’s. It was truly a garage with every tool imaginable in cabinets hanging on every wall. When we moved in the space was overflowing with the boxes of stuff I have been collecting for years, the floor was concrete and the walls were filled with holes. In January, my Dad and Owen put a door through from our main home into the studio, making it accessible without having to travel outside. Given our winter, this was an extremely handy thing! The flooring was tackled next. We went with inexpensive plywood which required filling and sanding and vacuuming, and painting and sanding and vacuuming and varnishing and sanding and vacuuming and more vanishing! While I worked on the floor (for many, many days), my Dad filled all the holes in the walls and added a fresh coat of white paint.

Several months later and many boxes moved and unpacked and sorted, I was finally able to move in. The colour of the walls and garage door are so inviting and fun. Owen built me a magnificent table and for the most part, all of my collected bits and things and ‘art stuff’, has found a home.  I am so grateful for the space and all the support in making this happen. Now…to get creative and actually paint!

Farewell for Now


For five weeks this summer, when I opened my eyes first thing in the morning, this was my view. Sometimes it was a little more pink with the sunrise, sometimes misty, often very calm and occasionally drizzly. Different every morning and equally beautiful everyday.

On the day of our departure I was definitely unready to leave our spectacular Stony summer behind and at the same time I was thrilled to have been able to participate in the Juniper Island Art Festival the night before. Both pieces I put in are Stony Lake inspired and because we were graced with such a warm, dry summer, Tree-Fort Studios worked out well for me to get some work finished (there is no roof on our tree fort).

One piece is 12″ x 12″ called Goldfinch Remembered. I always enjoy looking back and seeing the evolution of my paintings from the initial playful splashes and doodles, to where they end up. Here is how this one settled and how it began:

The second piece is 24″ x 30″ and I started the background for this several years ago. It has quite a bit of ‘underwater’, depicting Stony from a different perspective.


I also managed a third piece this summer, it is an 18″ x 24″ mixed media piece and is called Navigating the Shoreline. It has sections of a chart map of Stony Lake incorporated into it. This will be available at the Friends of the Fraser Wetlands Art Auction, to be held on August 27th at Crowe’s Landing in Upper Stoney Lake.


I am looking forward to painting more on the west coast, now that I am home, and I am excited for next summer to see what fun creations come out of Tree-Fort Studios!

Tree-Fort Studios

July 23, 2016 Stony Lake

imageEvery summer, for varying amounts of time, I go to Stony Lake, Ontario to visit my husbands family and go to the cottage. I am always inspired to paint when I am here – it is spectacularly beautiful. For the past couple of years I have repurposed the abandoned tree-fort, creating a space for me to work, weather permitting. This summer we are here for five weeks and I am wanting to create a few new paintings for the Juniper Island Art Festival this August.

Today I woke up to a gorgeous sunrise and despite the wind (which can be fairly nerve wracking in a tree-fort), I have managed to carve out some creative time and play with paper and paint. Between all the boats going by, kids swimming, breeze-a-blowing, trees creaking, the heat of the day setting in and cocktail hour fast approaching, I have managed to begin a few something’s that are taking some shape. The best part about this early stage of my process is the unknown, because even though one part of my brain keeps wanting to figure out where we are going with these, I also know how much they will evolve and change and surprise me. I thought I would share my view and where one of the paintings has made its beginnings.

I am certain that I spent more time today writing this on my iPhone and figuring out how to post it, given my long haiatus from this site, than I did actually painting! Good thing there are more sunny, leisurely days ahead.

COLLECTIVE ROUTES: Interpretations of our Travels Across Canada

Here are my paintings for the exhibition. Looking forward to Opening Night tomorrow! I will miss all my friends and family that are in Vancouver and beyond – please be sure to connect with me if you are in Qualicum before the end of the month, I would be happy to go to the gallery with you! I am also excited to see family and friends, that are here, tomorrow evening. Thank you so much to my parents, to Sam and Michaela, to my husband and to good friends for all your support. It is because of you that this was able to happen and I am truly grateful.

When I was young, my family and I traveled a fair bit to the east coast. As an adult, my Dad and I drove across Canada together when I was moving west. Since then, we have both moved to Vancouver Island where we continue our journey and exploration of this beautiful country together. Our inspiration for this exhibition comes from these travels together, interpreting it through our artwork, each in our own individual styles. This was such a huge subject matter that I found it difficult to decide what to paint. In the end, I painted what I remember, what moves me and how I felt. Capturing only a small glimpse of our collective routes.

Thank you Dad for taking this latest trip with me. And thank you Mom for both our travels together and for your unwavering, generous support.

Collective Routes Exhibition Invitation


My Dad, Martin Hill, and I are showing our work together, themed on interpretations of our travels across Canada. We each have very different styles – where I work in acrylic on large panels, my Dad works in watercolour on medium sized paper. The juxtaposition of these elements connected through our subject matter will be fun to see hanging side by side in the gallery. I have wanted to exhibit my artwork together with my Dad for some time and I am so thrilled to finally be doing this. OPENING NIGHT is Wednesday, October 1st from 7 – 9pm, and the exhibition will be up from September 29th to October 25th.