From a very young age, I have always loved to paint, draw and create. As an adult, painting has become a vehicle through which I can express my passions, thoughts, dreams and ‘the way I see things’. My work is very tactile and expressive, and finds its roots in nature. I am inspired by the details and slices of the everyday, specifically colours, textures and people. Equally inspiring to me is the freedom found in children’s art and I often try to encapsulate the essence of their inhibitions in the early stages of my creative process. Interwoven with this playful discovery, are my more formal realistic techniques and design sensibilities, resulting in a style that, exists somewhere between abstract and representational.

For me, when I am in the outdoors it feels like anything is possible, I am energized, grounded and find my fuel for life and inspiration for my artwork. I enjoy working with acrylics, painting with my opposite hand, utilizing materials on hand and mixing media to create something unexpected.

Born and raised in Unionville, Ontario, I moved to the west coast 23 years ago, and knew that I had found home. Currently, I live in Qualicum Beach, sharing my life as an artist with my life as a mom. Through my art, I find peace of mind and a connection to my everyday.      

Sarah Hill David

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