A Few Things New

All summer long I have been planning on having an art sale – a socially distanced driveway art show and sale. I have been painting a ton and I also ordered and created a few smaller art items to sell. While this is still something I really want to do, the reality is, I don’t actually have enough paintings or other art to sell. Yet….

I ordered cotton-linen throw pillows with my floral paintings printed on them, which I am thrilled with. I ordered six of each design as a test run and it seems they are well received as have only a few left after the first week! More have been ordered.

This summer I have printed a large amount of my linocut cards. They are so much fun to make, and serve as a break between painting – often prompting a studio clean up, which is a good and necessary thing for me! Here are a few summer series cards arranged in frames and available for purchase.

After my last post, where I shared my latest large paintings that had all found new homes, I wanted to also highlight this 4’x3’ underwater lovely that has been in the works for some time and is finally complete.

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