Embracing Uncertainty

Since March, these two words keep showing up for me. The universe is constantly reminding me to lean into these uncertain times in all areas of my life, and to trust that I will find creativity and fields of possibility. At first, going to my studio was a refuge, something to do, something purposeful, even though much of my time I wandered about, grappling with all the alarm in me, crying, listening to podcasts and painting here and there.

About a month ago I realized that the routine and commitment of studio time is something I have been unconsciously longing for and that even though I often have no plan of what I am going to do in there, by embracing that uncertainty I discover fertile ground for creativity and flow, and the infinite fields of possibility. There wasn’t an exact date when my artwork started happening, it just did, over the days and months, until one day I looked around and thought “wow, I have many completed works, and I need to make some space for new”.

Sharing my work with the world is an adventure steeped in vulnerability and leaps of faith into the unknown. Trust, seems to be the operative word. I love seeing what I have created bring joy to others and so I have to trust that will evolve – set my intentions and surrender the form and the outcome.

In the last few weeks, four of my large paintings have found their way to their forever homes, bringing joy and love and lots of colour to their new families walls and spaces. I am so grateful and truly honoured. So much of me is in the work and where one might think seeing them leave my studio would be sad or leave me will the feeling of loss, it strangely does the opposite. I feel so filled up, so expansive, and in awe. It is a new opportunity to embrace uncertainty, be curious about what’s next, to step into that fertile ground, allow creativity to flow and to trust that it will all be ok. And maybe even awesome.

Here are the works that found their ways to new homes:

Bird Brambles, 5’x3’
Afternoon Delight, 36”x24”
Laughing Garden, 4’x3’
Blooming Lovely, 4’x3’

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