Out There

It has been a busy spring and early summer for me, painting and putting myself out there, in terms of my art. It is always fun for me to see where my paintings begin, as I paint with my hands and play with paint and colour, doodle with pencil and oil pastels, slowing witnessing the painting taking shape. For several months I have been working on a piece for a friend and because I work best on multiple pieces at the same time, I of course painted two. Here are some pictures of where they each began, followed by the finished work.


My friend selected this first one and here is the second piece:


This one is called Sea Through, 40″ x 30″ and is still available for sale. It is currently hanging on the wall at LOVESHACK LIBATIONS in Qualicum Beach.


On top of managing to finally be creative in my studio, I was asked to participate in an ArtWalk for the set of Chesapeake Shores that is being filmed locally. Myself and ten or so other artists set up our market stalls, where we were able to sell our work, as well as have the opportunity to appear as extras in the show. The first show of the second season airs August 6th on the Hallmark channel and it is episode 10 that myself or my artwork may appear in. I am super grateful for the opportunity to participate, display and share some of my work and also have a glimpse into an industry I know very little about. And bonus, I sold two small painting while I was there!

The wonderful part about setting up for this set, was that it was more like a mock market stall, because I didn’t have to actually be able to replenish stock or have all the tents and tables, as that was provided. I have some fabulous ideas now for markets in the future though. The three days in Parksville were long and hot, and the view was spectacular, of both the beach and the lead in the show!

We are head to Ontario soon, and I may find my way to my little Tree Fort Studio while I am there, although I intend to take some time to just relax and regroup, read a book, do some yoga, maybe swim a little. There are exiting art things ruminating in my mind for the fall and it would be so fun to see them come to fruition.

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