The New Studio


imageAfter many years of dreaming, wishing, imagining and manifesting, having my own studio (with windows) has become a reality. The previous owners of our house used this space to repair and rebuild Harley’s. It was truly a garage with every tool imaginable in cabinets hanging on every wall. When we moved in the space was overflowing with the boxes of stuff I have been collecting for years, the floor was concrete and the walls were filled with holes. In January, my Dad and Owen put a door through from our main home into the studio, making it accessible without having to travel outside. Given our winter, this was an extremely handy thing! The flooring was tackled next. We went with inexpensive plywood which required filling and sanding and vacuuming, and painting and sanding and vacuuming and varnishing and sanding and vacuuming and more vanishing! While I worked on the floor (for many, many days), my Dad filled all the holes in the walls and added a fresh coat of white paint.

Several months later and many boxes moved and unpacked and sorted, I was finally able to move in. The colour of the walls and garage door are so inviting and fun. Owen built me a magnificent table and for the most part, all of my collected bits and things and ‘art stuff’, has found a home.  I am so grateful for the space and all the support in making this happen. Now…to get creative and actually paint!

One thought on “The New Studio

  1. Hello Sarah!

    Wow! What great work you are doing and what a fantastic studio to work in! Your website was fun to browse through…your work is cheerful, detailed with interesting bits and I love the layering of water, under water , land and sky….

    I know you’ll love the Rod Charlesworth video….he may be doing a workshop in the summer….Hmmmmmm…..

    Bye for now, Jo.


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