Farewell for Now


For five weeks this summer, when I opened my eyes first thing in the morning, this was my view. Sometimes it was a little more pink with the sunrise, sometimes misty, often very calm and occasionally drizzly. Different every morning and equally beautiful everyday.

On the day of our departure I was definitely unready to leave our spectacular Stony summer behind and at the same time I was thrilled to have been able to participate in the Juniper Island Art Festival the night before. Both pieces I put in are Stony Lake inspired and because we were graced with such a warm, dry summer, Tree-Fort Studios worked out well for me to get some work finished (there is no roof on our tree fort).

One piece is 12″ x 12″ called Goldfinch Remembered. I always enjoy looking back and seeing the evolution of my paintings from the initial playful splashes and doodles, to where they end up. Here is how this one settled and how it began:

The second piece is 24″ x 30″ and I started the background for this several years ago. It has quite a bit of ‘underwater’, depicting Stony from a different perspective.


I also managed a third piece this summer, it is an 18″ x 24″ mixed media piece and is called Navigating the Shoreline. It has sections of a chart map of Stony Lake incorporated into it. This will be available at the Friends of the Fraser Wetlands Art Auction, to be held on August 27th at Crowe’s Landing in Upper Stoney Lake.



I am looking forward to painting more on the west coast, now that I am home, and I am excited for next summer to see what fun creations come out of Tree-Fort Studios!

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