Tree-Fort Studios

July 23, 2016 Stony Lake

imageEvery summer, for varying amounts of time, I go to Stony Lake, Ontario to visit my husbands family and go to the cottage. I am always inspired to paint when I am here – it is spectacularly beautiful. For the past couple of years I have repurposed the abandoned tree-fort, creating a space for me to work, weather permitting. This summer we are here for five weeks and I am wanting to create a few new paintings for the Juniper Island Art Festival this August.

Today I woke up to a gorgeous sunrise and despite the wind (which can be fairly nerve wracking in a tree-fort), I have managed to carve out some creative time and play with paper and paint. Between all the boats going by, kids swimming, breeze-a-blowing, trees creaking, the heat of the day setting in and cocktail hour fast approaching, I have managed to begin a few something’s that are taking some shape. The best part about this early stage of my process is the unknown, because even though one part of my brain keeps wanting to figure out where we are going with these, I also know how much they will evolve and change and surprise me. I thought I would share my view and where one of the paintings has made its beginnings.

I am certain that I spent more time today writing this on my iPhone and figuring out how to post it, given my long haiatus from this site, than I did actually painting! Good thing there are more sunny, leisurely days ahead.

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