COLLECTIVE ROUTES: Interpretations of our Travels Across Canada

Here are my paintings for the exhibition. Looking forward to Opening Night tomorrow! I will miss all my friends and family that are in Vancouver and beyond – please be sure to connect with me if you are in Qualicum before the end of the month, I would be happy to go to the gallery with you! I am also excited to see family and friends, that are here, tomorrow evening. Thank you so much to my parents, to Sam and Michaela, to my husband and to good friends for all your support. It is because of you that this was able to happen and I am truly grateful.

When I was young, my family and I traveled a fair bit to the east coast. As an adult, my Dad and I drove across Canada together when I was moving west. Since then, we have both moved to Vancouver Island where we continue our journey and exploration of this beautiful country together. Our inspiration for this exhibition comes from these travels together, interpreting it through our artwork, each in our own individual styles. This was such a huge subject matter that I found it difficult to decide what to paint. In the end, I painted what I remember, what moves me and how I felt. Capturing only a small glimpse of our collective routes.

Thank you Dad for taking this latest trip with me. And thank you Mom for both our travels together and for your unwavering, generous support.

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